Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria

"The longest running annual pageant in Candelaria, Quezon"


Message from the Founder


The time has come to develop and mold young men and women of Candelaria to be productive, responsive and model citizens of this generation.  With this in mind, the Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation Inc. came into existence.  Ever-idealistic and ever-enthusiastic to produce talents, beauties and kings and queens of their own fields, we dedicated ourselves to be a catalyst of the realization of everyone’s dream.

The foundation is young yet it has hurdled too many pressures and criticisms.  At the end of the day, we stood firm; more determined and more vigilant to further our commitment to produce the next Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria.  No matter how many enemies block our way and no matter how difficult the tasks maybe, we are still in search for the next big thing in beauty search.

My inspiration as the founder of Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation Inc. is the belief that we should never stop learning, living and loving.  With this philosophy in mind, we embrace the world and all the experiences it has to offer including Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation Inc.

We are so proud to be Candelarians and we are so eager to prove to the world that we can never be out-shined!

            Dave Lirio
G. at Bb. Candelaria Founder

Message from the Chairman


Ten years ago the first Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria pageant commenced with the
goal of forming the young people of Candelaria into becoming upright citizens. Since then, the foundation has produced a considerable number of youth that does not only possess physical beauty but also strong moral values necessary to become role models for the youth of Candelaria. All those who became part of this pageant are blessed with this legacy and are challenged to keep it.
For the past years, we have had many young ladies and gentlemen who brought home the title and the crown. It is an honor but at the same time a challenge to be met and a responsibility to be fulfilled. To all those who won in this pageant, you share the responsibility of the foundation as well as its goals. You need to meet the challenge with determination, strength, and total confidence. I believe that giving your best and being true to yourself is what makes you different. I hope that the values with which you faced the limelight of pageantry are the same values you possess in facing the challenges of your daily lives. Remember to treasure the lessons you learned from this experience and use it in achieving your fullest potentials. Your success is also the success of this foundation.
Winning the title is just one thing but being the best that you can be is everything that you need to succeed in this endeavors. Let the crown and the title you bear benefit the communities where you belong through your goodwill. This responsibility is shared by all those who joined this pageant. This is your mark. This is the identity with which you will be known as products of the Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation, Inc.
Every time is opportune to build up the total self of every promising young men and women; and this is the reason why the Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation, Inc. exists. We are confident that we will always achieve this goal because this goal is also carried by those who joined this pageant.
Remember the words I live by, ?Trials are not the Reason to Give-up, but a Challenge to Improve ourselves; Deficiencies are not an Excuse to Back-out but an Inspiration to Move Forward?. I hope that these words will inspire you to be strong and dedicated to your everyday life. Have the discipline and be the best that you can be because the road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifices. Stay humble; be an inspiration to other person?s aiming for this kind of success. Be God?s instrument and share His words with humility and kindness. To God Be The Glory! 

  James Manuel de Guzman
G. at Bb. Candelaria Chairman

Message from the Adviser


Ma. Ahtisa Manalo
Bb. Pilipinas-International 2018                                
G. at Bb. Candelaria Adviser


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