Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria

"The longest running annual pageant in Candelaria, Quezon"



From a small town in the Province of Quezon, known as the desiccated coconut capital of the world, Binibining Candelaria first started as a pageant in the late 70's. This project benefited the young ladies of Candelaria by developing their self confidence, talent and wit during the glamorous era of the 70's.The activity is not an annual competition and the decision for its staging lies on the decision of the incumbent Mayor. 

Fast forward to year 2005, Mrs. Leny Algozo together with Mr. Dave Meinard-II O. Lirio and Renato "Jun" de Gala, produced the very first Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria under Algozo Productions. The inaugural pageant kicked-off with 13 pairs of equally bankable and gorgeous Ginoo and Binibinis of Candelaria. 

The following year of 2006, the organizers decided to have three titles, all with equal leverage; the Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria-Turismo, Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria-SK and Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria-Quezon. From then on, the pageant continues every summer of the year and was accredited on March 17, 2008 by the Municipal Government of Candelaria, with SB Resolution No. 083-2008.  Mr. Lirio was honored as the Founding Chairman of Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Foundation Inc. (GBCFI). 

After 15 years (2020), a relaunching of the re-branded Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria was conceptualized. This exciting era now includes a roster of competent and experienced Board of Directors, headed by the Founding Chairman, Mr. Dave Meinard-II Lirio, Chairman, Mr. James Manuel M. de Guzman, Creative and Marketing Director, John William A. Clomera and Director for Linkages and Finance, Mr. John Michael Laylo-Arceo. With Mrs. Lourdes Ona-Lirio, Ms. Aileen Geralde and Ms. International 2018 1st runner up, Ma. Ahtisa Manalo as our Advisers. Year 2020 is also the introductory year of brand new partners, sponsors and titles. The 16th edition is being produced by Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Organization and Infin8 Productions and Talent Management Inc. 

January 2020 marks a fresh start for the organization as a newly registered domestic corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the Laws of the Republic of the Philippines under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), registered as "Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria (GBC) doing business in the names and styles of Mister and Miss Candelaria; Ginoong Candelaria; Binibining Candelaria; Ginoong Candelaria Quezon; Binibining Candelaria Quezon; Ginoong Candelaria Tourism; Binibining Candelaria Tourism; Ginoong Candelaria Charity; Binibining Candelaria Charity; Ginoong Candelaria Ecotourism; Binibining Candelaria Ecotourism; Ginoong Candelaria Teen; Binibining Candelaria Teen; Ginoo at Binibining Candelaria Pageant" The first and only SEC registered beauty pageant in Candelaria. 


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